Lay Ministry Formation for Ministry

One of the outcomes of Vatican II was the acknowledgment that by virtue of our Baptism, we have always been called to share in the mission of the Church through service, worship, and witness to the Gospel. Most laypeople are called to live out their baptismal vocations by “being Christ present” in their homes, school,and workplaces. The shortage of priests in our own diocese has definitely alerted us to the need for more of the laity to share their many gifts with the people of the Church – the Body of Christ. This, however, brings a stronger focus on the need for lay ministers who are properly prepared for positions of leadership in the service of the Church.

This ministry comes not from the classified section of the newspaper, but from a personal call from God, requiring formation and transformation. Lay Leadership ministers could serve in such capacities as Ministry of Consolation, Liturgical Ministry, catechist, RCIA, pre-cana, baptism, etc. The Diocese of Brooklyn is working to meet the demands for trained laity in ministry leadership by offering certification courses for Catechists and Youth Ministers.

The Pastoral Institute at Douglaston offers the Lay Leadership Formation for Ministry for candidates sponsored by parishes/or clusters who have the potential for leadership positions in their parish. If you feel you may have been called to service at St. Mel and would like to speak to someone, please feel free to call the Rectory at (718) 886-0201 or the Office of Faith Formation at (718) 461-9840. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the future of the Church will be secured as we work to meet the need to become a more collaborative Church – a family!

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